Why Your Property Restoration Professional Uses iink & What to Expect

Liz Sieling
Liz Sieling
Jan 9, 2024

Your property restoration professional sent you an invite from iink—why? In short, it’s because they want to help get your property restored more efficiently as soon as possible so they’ve enlisted iink’s help to get there. Read on for more information.

What The Traditional Claims Process Looks Like

Getting paid on property claims can be a hassle. When a property gets damaged due to a storm, the property owner needs to file an insurance claim in order to get the funds to pay the contractor to start repairs.

As you can imagine, this process often results in restoration professionals waiting weeks or even months before they can collect down payments to order materials and commence restoration. Furthermore, the extended waiting period can lead to issues with trust, communication, and insight into the status of the check.

Why Property Restoration Professionals Choose iink

Due to the digital automation iink provides, contractors can speed up the claims payment process and remove most of the hassles for themselves and property owners. Let’s be honest—the quicker the job gets done the better it is for everyone.

iink’s Main Solutions

iink Pay

The most simple way to get paid, no matter where you are. Deposit property claim checks remotely and transfer funds directly to your bank with the touch of your finger.

iink Pro

If you’ve ever dealt with mortgage companies, you know it can be a hassle getting what you’re owed. Oftentimes, this means contractors have to spend hours on the phone speaking with mortgage companies. With iink Pro, contractors can finally streamline the submission, tracking, and release of claim check funds from the mortgage company.

Momnt Financing

This is for property owners who don’t get the full amount they need from their insurance payouts to cover the full restoration and upgrades. Sometimes they don’t have enough money to cover the deductible, which can reach as high as 2% of the appraised value of each insured property. Through our partnership with Momnt, we’re able to offer qualifying property owners three primary property financing options related to insurable losses.

1. Deductible Financing. Financing on deductibles is as low as $3100.00.

2. RCV Gap Financing. Unsecured financing to help cover full replacement costs of property damage. Six months of deferred interest is available in some cases.

3. Retail Upgrade Financing. Property owner interested in adding skylights? Hardwood floors? Some other kind of upgrade? This financing option covers those jobs.

Is Momnt Financing Right for Me?
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Getting Back to Normal: How iink Helps Property Owners

As a property owner, you no longer need to dedicate time, energy, and money to this often complicated and drawn-out process of insurance claims payment processing—our team takes care of it while keeping you in the loop the whole way.

The iink web app lets you digitally endorse claim checks from the convenience of your phone or tablet. You can also easily communicate with stakeholders throughout the process and know where each claim check stands at all times to minimize confusion and lack of transparency.

Without iink vs. With iink

Contractor not using iink?
Refer your Contractor

Using iink not only provides clarity and minimizes confusion, but can also provide peace of mind when it comes to choosing your restoration professionals. Many property owners struggle to find a restoration contractor that they can truly trust and opt for referrals if possible but even that can be limiting.

With iink Verification, you can feel safe transacting your property insurance claim payment on iink’s platform. Being iink Verified means contractor businesses have been checked at over 150 data points to ensure their company’s legitimacy. Property owners can rest assured their funds will only go to the iink Verified professional(s) they choose to work with.

Using iink Payments, property owners and property restoration professionals can finally say goodbye to confusing conversations with mortgage companies, time delays, and paper check processing when it comes to insurance claims payments. If you have any questions, contact us.

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