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Pay as you go.

Get started with no commitment, whether your claims are small or large, have a mortgage company listed on them, or don't. After the one-time $299* sign-up fee on iink Pay and Pro, we charge on a per-claim basis so you only pay for what you need.

iink Pay


When the mortgage company is not listed on the check or has already endorsed it.

  • Digital claim check endorsement
  • Multi-party claim check processing
  • Instantly disburse and deposit funds

iink Pro

1% of claim check, $299 cap per check, $25 minimum

When the mortgage company is listed on the check.

Everything you get with iink Pay, plus:
  • Document submission and tracking for the mortgage company
  • Dedicated iink account manager to help you be successful
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Momnt Financing
Financing on deductibles as low as $3100.00

For property owners who need cash to cover deductible costs, RCV gaps, or make retail upgrades at the time of repair.