How does being iink Verified gain you trust from your customers?

Restoration professionals sometimes get a bad rap from consumers simply by affiliation to their trade(s). “Storm chasers,” as they’re called, are generally first on the scene of a significant weather event offering help to property owners and assessing damages in need of repair. This may give people the impression that these contractors are akin to “ambulance chasers.” The ironic reality is, I’ve never had a property owner with significant storm damage (like a tornado or hurricane) tell me they’d prefer to take their time getting everything fixed. The Sooner, the better is always the case.

These professionals have relied on word of mouth, online ratings, and their own company’s literature (perhaps seemingly biased) to help prospective customers feel comfortable working with them. Unfortunately, none of these methods provide complete clarity as to whether or not someone’s insurance proceeds are paid safely to a vetted professional. After a significant loss event, every insured should be able to quickly identify whether or not a restoration professional is legitimate so they can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Introducing iink Verified, the restoration industry’s premier banking-level business verification, lets your customers know they can feel safe transacting their property claim payment on iink’s platform. Being iink Verified means your business has been checked at over 150 data points to ensure your company’s legitimacy. Property owners can rest assured their funds will only go to the iink Verified professional(s) they choose to work with.

Here’s a breakdown of the business verifications performed by iink during registration:

Verification of business bank accounts

In addition to the opportunity of working with an iink Verified professional, property owners have even more peace of mind knowing that every transaction is FDIC Insured since iink is a partner of Avidia Bank. The security and convenience of property claim payments have never been better with the multi-party direction of funds, even from a single check. Finally, you’ll never have to worry about remote deposit limits with iink’s allowable check sizes up to $1.5MM.

Restoration professionals get iink Verified today!