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TLG Public Adjusters Successfully Scale Business With iink Payments’ Added Efficiency & Transparency

Learn how TLG Public Adjusters cut their payment time in half when it comes to getting paid on insurance claims, giving them the efficiency & transparency to successfully grow their business year after year.

Background Information

Since its founding, TLG Public Adjusters has helped guide property owners through the insurance claims process, ensuring they receive the full compensation they are entitled to. From conducting a thorough assessment of damages to negotiating with insurance companies and handling the paperwork, TLG Public Adjusters can do it. TLG also aims to make the process as stress-free as possible for its customers which is why they choose iink Payments when it comes to getting paid, according to Jose Linan, the company’s founder who has over five years of public adjusting experience.


Chasing Signatures and Calling Mortgage Companies

When Jose started as a public adjuster, he immediately noticed the hassle of getting paid what was owed on insurance claims. From chasing signatures to calling mortgage companies, “getting signatures was a mission and then it was about wondering if the mortgage companies had what they needed and whether or not they were receiving those documents on time,” he noted. His team was spending hours a week trying to get the money they were owed.

Lack of Clarity and Transparency = Frustrated Clients

Beyond that, TLG and its clients were constantly frustrated with the lack of transparency and efficiency in the claim payment process. “The lack of clarity seemed to slow things down as well,” Jose said.

Why iink?

Efficiency and Transparency

Since its inception, TLG Public Adjusters has been using iink to add efficiency and transparency to its business operations. Jose saw great value in our digital platform that makes the process easy to follow and he also now has a team of iink experts to lean on when needed. TLG has been using iink to process all monitored and non-monitored claims that come across their desks. Whether it be digitally uploading checks, making electronic endorsements, or utilizing two-way messaging, TLG has found added efficiency and transparency when it comes to collecting its fee in the insurance claims payment process.

More Time to Create New Business Opportunities

By leveraging iink, TLG can now spend more of its time prospecting and generating new revenue opportunities. “The time that I have saved by not having to pursue the status of the check is invaluable for me, at least, I prefer to spend that time networking or prospecting,” he noted.


Freed Up Time to Help Customers

TLG has been able to grow its business since first opening its doors. In fact, following the devastating hit of Hurricane Ian, TLG was able to help more customers than ever before and that’s partly thanks to the ease iink has provided.

Efficient Claim Check Processing With Fewer Hours Spent on the Phone

The added efficiency of not having to spend hours on the phone with mortgage companies has made all the difference in the company’s day-to-day; Jose and his team have cut payment time in half.

“It used to take 5 to 8 months to get paid but with iink, we can get paid in less than five months for most claims.”

Access to Transparent Claims Through the iink App

In addition, TLG has enjoyed the added transparency the iink app provides. All stakeholders can sign into the iink dashboard and see where a check stands at any given time. TLG can finally operate with the transparency and peace of mind they want when getting paid.

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