Jeepin’ It Real: The Best Ways to Cover Your Actions as a Restoration Pro

Marisa Sanfilippo
Marisa Sanfilippo
Oct 2, 2023

In our latest installation of our YouTube series “Jeepin’ it Real with iink,” our co-founder, Ryan Holliday, chats it up with Nicole Henry from CompanyCam about how CompanyCam is able to help out the property and water restoration industry, the importance of cash flow to contractors, and how the collaboration of CompanyCam and iink help you save time and get paid.

Ryan: What's going on, restoration world? I'm Ryan Holliday here at the Restoration Remediation Experience Conference with Nicole Henry from CompanyCam.Nicole, share a little bit about what you do with CompanyCam and how you're helping the restoration industry overall.

Nicole: Yeah, I would love to! So at CompanyCam we're all about visual documentation. o if you're taking photos, videos, you know, anything at a job site just to make sure that you know what's going on, you can communicate with adjusters, your clients and other contractors will help you take care of that. So,if you are working with Dropbox, or Google Drive you're probably uploading, downloading, texting and emailing–we'll get rid of all of those steps for you and automate a lot of your processes and give you time back to reinvest in your company and in your personal life.

Ryan: That's awesome! I mean, saving time for contractors is so paramount, and coming from that world I know what it's like to have to document everything. You want to have proof of the work that's been done, work that maybe hasn't been done and needs to be completed, or maybe something that wasn't your fault and you need to just CYA* (*Cover YourActions), because you know that customer wants to get you to pay for something that you didn't do. Nonetheless, documentation is so important in the industry. Tell us more about, specifically in, let's say, water restoration. What are some of the reasons that water restoration professionals are using CompanyCam

Nicole: That is one of my favorite questions! So, when you're working in water restoration, you have a lot of moving pieces. You've got a lot of people involved and you've got a lot of equipment,not to mention a lot of money. So if you're using CompanyCam, we make it very simple to stay transparent and enhance communication so everybody's on the same page and there's no question and you're CYA-ing yourself and your team members.

Transparency in the Restoration and Inspection Process Helps Contractors and Property Owners Get Paid Faster, With Less Hassle

Ryan: So one of the things that you guys do over at CompanyCam Nicole, is you are saving time for contractors. Of course, something that we do as well to save time and get paid is, you want to make sure that the contractors are documenting everything always, and then we want to make sure that they're getting paid as quickly as possible. How important is cash flow to a contractor?

Nicole: Oh my gosh, one of the most important things! So with CompanyCam, with our photo reports, they're extremely simple to create and share out with adjusters and other third parties. So, where some companies are spending, you know, hours to days getting everything together in one location and then sharing it out, they then have to wait on that adjuster to go through it before they can even see any of that money! But with CompanyCam you can get a report out in 30 minutes or less. That way the adjuster has it, and that process is sped up. Then contractors are getting paid, and they can get back to doing what they do best which is helping others.

New Technology Can Help Streamline the Home Inspection Process and the Home Insurance Claim Investigation Process

Ryan: So, one of the things I think is so cool about this technology is that this is indisputable evidence of the repairs being completed at the subject property, right? And so this technology, paired with iink’s technology and providing those reports and what we're doing here, is that we're providing these reports to mortgage companies to help speed up that process and hopefully eliminate that inspection or need for that third party inspection. So, we'd much rather have a certified contractor taking the photos of the completed work rather than just somebody that's sent out by a third party taking pictures with their iPhone.

Nicole: Oh absolutely! And with CompanyCam everything is off of your own personal device, you don't need any special equipment for it, and since you are boots on the ground you know what's happening at that job site and you're the most qualified person to be capturing that information. And with CompanyCam you have date, time, and GPS stamps on every single photo that way that evidence is indisputable.

Ryan: iink has a lot of things on the horizon here especially on the Enterprise level.CompanyCam is growing as well into a lot of Enterprise institutions, and we have some things going on and we're working together to change the industry. We can't really say what that is, but tell us about the future of CompanyCam and really where you foresee the ultimate solution being provided to our network of customers.

Nicole: Of course! So, the future of CompanyCam is looking very bright. We are always open to listening to our clients and getting their feedback. Everything that you see on the CompanyCam platform has been a client request, so if there's something that could make your life easier, your team's life easier, we want to know about it so we can see how we can fit that into our roadmap and, again, help you and your team save time, reinvest that into your company, and get back to helping your clients.

Ryan: Nicole, thank you so much for sharing all that fantastic information about CompanyCam—this is Jeepin’ It Real.

Nicole: Thank you so much for having me Ryan, appreciate it!

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