Case Study

Home Safe Claims Uses iink to Improve Staff Efficiency

After getting an influx in claims due to Hurricane Ian, learn how iink helped make the HSC Team more efficient at handling those claims and additional business following.

Background Information

Home Safe Claims was founded by longtime friends and business partners, Eduardo Rodriguez-Delgado and Rodrigo Yervis. During the six years they spent working as claim consultants they came to realize the tremendous impact they were able to make in other people’s lives.

Rodrigo and Eduardo realized that being an adjuster went far beyond having technical expertise, it also required a deep sense of empathy and a commitment to building lasting client relationships based on their results. Today, Home Safe Claims has dedicated consultants throughout the entire Florida peninsula serving thousands of homeowners with honesty and a solid commitment to see that every client gets to have a safe home once again.


When Hurricane Ian hit, Home Safes’ business increased significantly. The company’s mortgage processor did not have the bandwidth to be on the phone all day with mortgage companies waiting 20 to 30 minutes per line, per check, per every single mortgage, writing down reference numbers on checks and waiting to talk to someone. Following, she had to put each check in an envelope then go to the mail and send the mail. It was a time consuming hassle. In addition the Home Safe team had to drive around town to collect signatures on checks which required even more time and money than was anticipated due to a sudden influx in business.

Why iink?

iink offers a solution to work with mortgage companies on behalf of Home Safe Claims (and other public adjusters and contractors). With iink, Home Safe was able to be on a system of “automation” which makes their employees’ jobs easier.

“We get on this system of automation pretty much by receiving checks and sending them over to iink,” said Rodrigo.

“We get on this system of automation pretty much by receiving checks and sending them over to iink.”

- Rodrigo Yervis -


iink has been able to be a financial partner to Home Safe, helping their staff be more efficient at processing claims. Along with saving time, money, and keeping customers happy, they have been able to manage additional volume.

Time Savings

No more having to go to the mail every day to send envelopes of checks. This has freed up their in-house mortgage processors’ time to work on more valuable tasks and has even helped her become more efficient. Plus, they no longer have to drive around town to collect signatures.

Money Savings

Because they don’t have to go to the mail everyday, they are saving money on mail supplies including postage. By not having to drive around to collect signatures, they are saving money on gas.

Client Happiness

Home Safes’ clients have been super happy because they've been getting their payments quick.

“The communication keeps on getting better and it is just making our jobs easier and allowing us more time to do what we love to do which is adjust. Adjusters adjust, adjusters shouldn't be waiting 30 minutes with a mortgage company to get a check endorsed because that's not that's not being efficient,” said Rodrigo.

“Our job is to adjust. A lot of businesses fail because they lack effective delegating. They lack trust and we decided to trust iink. We decided to delegate effectively that very tedious process of mortgage endorsements to iink and the results have been phenomenal,” he added.

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