Insured’s Guide to Better Payments for Faster Restoration

Ryan Holliday
Ryan Holliday
Dec 15, 2022

Get faster payments for faster repairs with iink Payments!

When you have an insurance claim check with your mortgage company listed as a payee, it can take weeks, and sometimes months, before that check is endorsed and funds are paid to your contractor.

Everything you need to ensure an EASY payment process can be summed up in 5 steps:

1. Congratulations! Your Claim Check Arrived in the Mail! Let’s Get Started!

Your restoration professional will start a new payment in the iink web app, upload or request a picture of the check, and submit a few claim details for everyone’s approval.

2. Authorize and Approve Your iink Transaction

You will receive a request from iink to approve the transaction and authorize us to work with your mortgage bank to get your funds released. Everyone receiving funds will securely connect their bank account using Plaid in the iink web app.

3. iink Helps Prepare The Digital Claims Package For Your Mortgage Bank

The mortgage bank will always need your loan number in addition to the scope of loss that outlines the damages. Additionally, they may ask for documents such as repair affidavits, your insurance policy, waivers of lien, contracts, photo reports, and more. iink makes sure we get all the right documentation over for speedy review. If they require property inspections we can help schedule those too!

4. Deposit and Disburse Funds!

We’ll let you know when the signed check is on its way back from the mortgage company. Instead of running to your bank, we provide you with a link to securely deposit the check and disburse funds by simply snapping a photo of the back of the check.

5. Complete Your Repairs EVEN Faster

With iink’s advance funding, your restoration professional doesn’t have to wait for the mortgage company, and you can get your repairs started sooner than later. If your contractor opts in we’ll advance funds in 1-2 business days after submission.

Funds are FDIC* Insured, and everyone sending and receiving funds is iink Verified – your money will always go to a verified contractor!