How to Find (And Keep) Great Employees For Your Roofing Company

Ryan Holliday
Ryan Holliday
Nov 6, 2023

Roofing companies are facing hurdles finding and retaining skilled staff. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 2% growth in job opportunities in the roofing sector from 2022 to 2032, which is average. However, the shortage in skilled workers makes it nearly impossible for roofing companies to find and retain employees.

Why is the roofing industry seeing such a huge staffing problem?

The roofing industry is facing a wave of older workers retiring, taking with them years of acquired skills and expertise. This creates a vacuum, intensifying the already existing skilled worker shortage.

According to a 2022 survey by the Associated General Contractors of America and Autodesk, 91 percent of construction firms report difficulty in finding workers to hire, leading to increased costs and project delays. So while the skilled worker shortage isn’t 100% unique to the roofing industry, the widespread issue is affecting it.

4 Strategies For Staffing Your Roofing Company

In September 2023, available construction jobs increased by 11,000. And despite a 5.5% increase in pay, companies are still having trouble filling these positions. Because of this, your roofing company needs to embrace a blend of innovative and traditional hiring strategies that not only fill the immediate void but fosters a resilient workforce for the long term.

1. Create attractive job postings.

Crafting an appealing job posting is the first step in attracting the right talent to your roofing company. A well-designed posting not only garners attention but also filters prospective candidates, ensuring those who apply are a good fit for the position.

To make sure your job description is clear and concise:

Utilize a catchy, descriptive job title that immediately communicates the role.

Incorporate keywords relevant to the roofing industry to optimize search engine visibility.

Highlight the benefits and opportunities your company offers, such as competitive pay, advancement opportunities, and a positive work culture.

Use a friendly, professional tone that reflects your company’s culture.

Include visuals like company logos, videos, or images of ongoing projects to create a more engaging post.

Provide a clear call to action, guiding potential candidates on how to apply.

2. Offer competitive salaries and benefits.

Offering competitive salaries is a straightforward tactic to attract skilled personnel to your roofing company. Industry-standard wages reflect the value and expertise a candidate brings to the job, acting as a magnet for experienced professionals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for roofers stood at $47,920 as of May 2022, indicating a substantial earning potential in this field.

On the flip side, benefits are equally compelling in drawing and retaining talent. Besides a competitive salary, providing a comprehensive benefits package demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of your staff.

Glassdoor's data shows a salary range between $34,000 and $49,000 for roofers, with an average earning around $40,000 annually, so a solid benefits package can be a distinguishing factor in a potential employee's decision-making process.

It’s also important to note that salespeople and subcontractors in the roofing industry have higher salaries than standard roofers. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary nationwide for subcontractors is around $77,000. Roofing salespeople make substantially more money with salaries varying anywhere from $144,000 to $249,000.

4. Leverage technology to fill open positions.

Embracing technology can significantly streamline the staffing process, automating many time-consuming tasks. Various staffing software and platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, or specialized construction job boards, can widen your reach to potential candidates.

How to Improve Employee Retention

Improving employee retention is almost more important than improving your hiring process because it costs you more to train new employees than to retain current ones. Here are some things you should consider.

1. Invest in training and development.

Investing in continuous training elevates the skills and knowledge of your roofing team, adapting to evolving industry standards. Well-structured training programs not only sharpen competencies but foster a culture of growth and improvement.

Engaging in development opportunities can enhance job satisfaction, reduce turnover, and solidify your company's reputation as a nurturing employer in the competitive roofing industry.

2. Build a positive company culture.

A positive company culture significantly influences retention and job satisfaction among employees in your roofing company. By promoting open communication, recognizing achievements, and encouraging a collaborative atmosphere, a nurturing environment is fostered.

This positive setting not only attracts quality talent but inspires loyalty, creating a cohesive, motivated team ready to uphold high standards of workmanship and customer satisfaction.

The staffing shortage isn’t predicted to improve anytime soon. Tackling staffing challenges requires a blend of strategic hiring, competitive pay, continuous training, a positive work culture, and leveraging external agencies and technology. Addressing immediate hiring needs and fostering a robust workforce, positions your roofing company for sustained success in a competitive market.

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