​​Economy vs. Roofers: The Rise in Shingle Prices and the Importance of Technology

Ben Feick
Ben Feick
Feb 2, 2024

Former Roofing Contractor, Co-Founder, and CRO of iink Payments, Ryan Holliday catches up with Josh VanDusky of Atlas Roofing at RoofCon 2023. Ryan and Josh were eager to share snaps of their fresh kicks but more importantly, discuss how roofing contractors can stay ahead amidst economic uncertainty and rising prices.

Josh and Ryan unpack some of the economic challenges businesses may be facing, such as an increased price of shingles. While it is always difficult to explain how the current economic volatility will affect roofing and shingle pricing in the long run, Josh claims that “roofing is still very healthy.” As a business owner, he has seen no slowing down in the necessity of roofing, saying that some distribution yards have recently sold out. Regardless of the economic climate, Josh always remains prepared and is dedicated to delivering his customers quality products at a great price.

Looking ahead, Josh is excited to continue to expand his business and keep up with demand with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation tools. Outdated processes have to go and for many businesses looking to scale and automation is the key to success.

Wrapping up the conversation, there’s some reassurance that Atlas and other roofing businesses will continue to see success even as economic trends remain unclear. Nevertheless, embracing AI technology and automation tools will help drive business success for today and tomorrow.