2023: A Year in Review at iink

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath
Dec 27, 2023

You made it! We hope you and your business had a successful year. As we bid farewell to the remarkable year that was 2023, it's with great excitement that we take a stroll down memory lane, reflecting on the journey we've shared with our customers and partners.

Company Highlights

Momnt Partnership and National Roofing Week

In February, we announced our partnership with Momnt, a multi-offer financing opportunity for property owners by contractors.

In June, the company actively participated in National Roofing Week with a special giveaway. Want a chance to win 2024’s prize? Ask us how to sign up for the Fresh iink monthly Newsletter.

Major Processing and Funding Milestones Achieved

In September, iink worked diligently with mortgage companies to get public adjuster and law firm fees paid upfront. Additionally, to better optimize the electronic endorsement process for our customers, we partnered with a handful of credit unions and smaller banks.

In the latter part of October, we reached a company milestone: 1 billion dollars in claims processed.

Also in October, we raised our Series A: $12.0MM to help us become the leading fintech platform in property insurance restoration.

Mortgage Company Engagements

As the year progressed, October came with a significant development—our partnership with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). Joining the MBA validates iink as a secure financial partner so our customers can feel confident about doing business.

Product Updates

In 2023, we also released a series of product updates as part of our commitment to help improve our solutions and user experience. The journey began in January with the introduction of AI Image Processing, a feature that demonstrates iink's commitment to improving the efficiency and capabilities of the platform.

In February, we added Email Notifications to help ensure seamless and real-time communication.

The momentum continued in June with the unveiling of an Improved Dashboard, meticulously designed to enhance user interface and navigation. This user-centric approach reflected iink's commitment to delivering a more intuitive and enjoyable experience for its users.

On the Road

As part of our effort to connect with our customers in person, spread the word about iink to new audiences, and stay on top of the latest industry happenings and trends, we traveled from coast to coast, participating in some of the top industry events. A few of our stops across 20 of the United States included:

    • International Roofing Expo
    • Jeep Beach Week
    • Coast to Coast Tour “Spaceship to Payment Town”
    • RISE2023
    • RoofCon
    • Advocates United Miami

Members of the iink team attended RoofCon 2023 in Orlando, Fl.

Staffing Expansion

This has been our highest staffing growth year yet, we welcomed aboard over 64 employees in 2023! iink was proud to host multiple team offsites in locations such as Tulum, Orlando, and Puerto Vallarta. We are also thrilled to have opened our first office in Denver to improve collaboration and even introduced our very own virtual book club!

Two members of our Sales team taking a break from sales to catch some sun in Puerto Vallarta.

The Operations team discussing customer strategy over dinner in Tulum!

The Development poses in front of the iink bus during their first team offsite in Orlando!

As we move into 2024, we wanted to say another big thank you to all of our valued customers and we look forward to another great year for restoration pros!