A Bottom Line Increasing Solution for Contractors That Helps Property Owners

Ryan Holliday
Ryan Holliday
Sep 10, 2023

As a property restoration contractor, you’re likely already aware: when a property owner gets their home insurance claim check, the check does not always offer the full amount necessary to fully finance the minimum work needed for their home repair, and especially does not pay for any material upgrades.

You want to be able to complete the restoration work for them without delay and they want to get back in their home as fast as possible, but cash flow becomes an issue sometimes. To help solve this problem, point of sale financing that supplements home insurance claim check funds is available to qualifying property owners. Contractors can offer it directly as a way to make additional revenue while also helping property owners make their homeowner’s dream come true.

POS Financing: What’s in it for Contractors

This solution being offered in partnership with industry-leading platform Momnt will help you as a contractor be able to expand your business to new heights and maximize value for your customers.

Increase Revenue

Instant financing with easy-to-use technology will help you land bigger and better deals.

Lending is Faster to Make Your Life Easier

Qualifying property owners don’t have to wait long to get the funds they need to get their home restored.

Same-day Funding

Get paid fast! Same business day and next business day ACH payments are available pending submission time. Example: Property owner submits by 5pm on a Friday, qualifying property owners will get their funds by noon on Monday.

1. Attract new customers. By offering in demand upsell products, you build a great reputation and attract new customers.

2. Close deals on the spot. With the press of a button on the Momnt platform, your team can offer loan offers to customers on the spot.

3. Closed-loop financing. Brand loyalty is everything and closed-loop financing ensures that customers can only spend their loan with your business.

Contractors: Increase Revenue
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What’s in it for Property Owners

Lending is made convenient for property owners with a multi-offer process, soft credit pulls, and digital application.

Financing That Property Owners Love

100% financing is available with no money down, up to $55,000 for qualifying property owners. Apply for one of three products that best fits your needs:

1. Deductible Financing. This is insurance deductible financing. Deductibles can reach as high as 2% of the appraised value of each insured property and property owners don’t always have the funds to cover the expense.

2. RVC Gap Financing. Helps cover additional ACV (actual cash value) expenses with promotions like six months of deferred interest.

3. Retail Upgrade Financing. Financing for upgrades that insurance proceeds won’t cover.

Soft Credit Pulls

Pre-qualified offers are presented to your customers while only taking a soft pull of credit, not affecting their credit score.

Digital Application

Property owners apply for financing using a simple digital application right from their mobile device and receive an instant decision.


No hidden fees or early payment penalty on any loans.

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