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How fast can iink process your property damage insurance claim? Find out now!

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Payment Solutions and Pricing

iink Pay

Multi-party Claim Check Processing

Digitally endorse, deposit, and disburse home / property insurance claim checks when a mortgage company is not a payee on checks or has already endorsed checks.


$299 One-time Sign-up Verification Required

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iink Pro

Let iink handle the mortgage company for you.

Streamline the submission, tracking, and release of claim check funds from the mortgage company.

1% of Claim Check

$299 Cap Per Check, $25 Minimum

Momnt Financing

Multi-offer Financing for Property Owners by Contractors

For property owners who need cash to cover deductible costs, RCV gaps, or make retail upgrades at the time of repair.

Contact a rep for details.

Get started in minutes.

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Why use iink to get paid for property damage insurance claims?


Endorse and deposit multi-party check funds right from your phone.


Save time and effort processing claim payments with mortgage banks.


Receive and distribute your funds in as little as 1 to 2 business days.

Over $250M in Property Damage Insurance Claims Processed

We’ve helped thousands of property owners navigate the property damage insurance claims process (also sometimes referenced as mortgage insurance claims process) to get their property fixed more efficiently.

Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

We have been working with iink since the start of the company. They have been fantastic! iink is staffed with professional agents that are readily amiable to handle any matters on the fly. I highly recommend them.

- Hunter Gunderson
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I use iink for 95% of my mortgage endorsements. Not having to deal with getting a mortgage endorsement after battling an insurance company is invaluable to my company. Use iink if you want to keep your sanity, do it yourself if you want to lose your mind!

- Shawn Seerup
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

iink is an amazing company, they help with the process of Mortgage endorsement making it seem effortless. Very happy with their turn around and customer service.

- Anna Rubios

iink Partners

Created by the restoration industry, for better payments and more efficient restoration. We are constantly innovating based on feedback from our esteemed industry partnerships.

Latest Partnership News:
iink and Momnt Make Restoration Property Financing More Accessible for Contractors & Property Owners

How does iink work?

Get back to normal life. Let iink handle the rest.

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Property owners are often stuck in between a rock and a hard place navigating their property damage insurance claim. Their property continues to deteriorate as they await all the parties needed for their mortgage insurance check endorsement which goes through a slow mortgage company verification process. iink is here to help make sure nothing pauses your home restoration.

  • More efficient completion of house restoration.
  • The property’s condition does not continue to get damaged.
  • Transparency in the insurance payments process.
  • Building more trust between the contractor and homeowner.
  • Be kept in the loop during the entire process.

Save Time and Get Paid

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  • Restoration jobs are no longer paused while waiting for mortgage endorsements.
  • Contractors having to float resources on labor and materials is eliminated so they can invest in their business growth instead.
  • Digitally endorse without having to waste your sales rep selling hours getting a signature.
  • Free up your team to work on bringing in new business instead of chasing insurance checks.

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