iink Payments

Last Modified: 08/10/2021

1. Definitions

“Agreement” means this iink Payments Services Supplemental Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) and the General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) found at https://iinktech.com/terms/general.

“Client” means the party to whom an account is registered with iink.

“Customer” means the parties identified as the Customer when the Client places a Service Order under these Terms and as further defined in the GTC.

“iink” is iink Corp., a company duly organized and validly existing, located at 400 N. Ashley Dr. Ste. 2600-D, Tampa, Florida 33602.

 “Service Order” is defined as set forth in Section 2.

Terms not defined in these Now Service Terms shall have the meaning given to them in the GTC.

2. Payment Services

The iink Payments Service (“Payments Service”) consists of multi-party check endorsement processing and direction of deposit services for mobile applications using digital signatures.

The Client will begin an order for the Payments Services (“Service Order”)  by uploading required claim documents in the iink Portal when logged in at https://app.iinktech.com and following the instructions provided therein. The Client can also submit new Service Orders via email to support@iinktech.com with the required  information and documentation  attached.

The Client will provide iink the relevant Client Customer Data, including Customer name, address, phone number, email address, insurance adjuster worksheet or scope of loss, and executed agreement between Client and Customer to perform services relating to Customer’s insurance claim.  As additionally set forth in the GTC, Client will provide and is responsible for providing Customer all required and necessary notices and disclosures with respect to Client’s collection, use, handling, and disclosure of Client Customer Data, including in order to provide Client Customer Data to iink.  Client grants to iink (including its Affiliates and subcontractors) a nonexclusive right to use and process Client Customer Data solely for offering Customer the Payments Services or related services and to the extent necessary to provide and support the Payments Service.  

The Client will be asked to upload a picture of the check in the iink Portal when logged in at: app.iinktech.com/portal and following the instructions provided therein or clicking the web link provided by iink via email. Once the details of the check have been verified the Client will confirm the direction of depository account details and endorse the check using e-signature technology.

Upon receiving a Client request for the Payments Service, iink will offer the Payments Service to Customer.  Customer may agree to participate in the payment to the Client using the Payments Service by separately providing iink the relevant and requested information relating to its insurance claim and agreeing to certain terms and conditions.  Any such information that Customer provides to iink shall be iink Customer Data.  iink will provide payments to Client in connection with its services to Customer if Customer meets its respective Payments Service requirements.  iink does not guarantee that Customer will agree to participate in the Payments Service or that Customer will meet the Payments Service requirements.

The Client, in agreement with the Customer,  will have the ability to direct payment to one, or multiple, recipients of the multi-party check funds by electronic deposit through an Automated Clearing House (“ACH”). Payments Service payments through ACH, push-to-card debit, and all banking services are provided in partnership through Avidia Bank, member FDIC.  Client must open an account at Avidia Bank in order to receive the Now Service (the “Client Avidia Account”).  

All checks submitted to the Payments Service will be verified internally for validation and security purposes. If the check includes a mortgage company, or other entity that may not participate in the service, the check will be referred to the iink Professional Service for processing, see iink Professional Terms https://iinktech.com/terms/professional.

The Client verifies their agreement(s) with the other endorsees and has complete authority to enter into this an agreement with iink pursuant to these Terms. All information provided by the Client and Customer is hereby deemed complete and accurate. Any information provided by any party that is deemed incomplete and/or inaccurate by iink, or any party to the claim, will be the responsibility of the Client and Customer to obtain/update as requested by iink.

3. Inactivity Notice

Endorsement requests that are registered with iink and become inactive after 30 days of being incomplete or without response from one or multiple payees will be suspended from iink’s standard servicing protocol until the Client or authorized third-party provides information and/or documentation required to proceed with the endorsement processing. All parties will be notified of inactive endorsement requests after iink has made all reasonable efforts to make contact regarding missing and/or required information and/or documents.

4. Representations And Warranties

The Client confirms that they are not subject to any contractual commitments or legal obligations that would prevent the recovery of the fully endorsed proceeds.

5.  Privacy Notice

In addition the provisions provided in the Privacy Policy found at https://iinktech.com/terms/privacy the Client an understands that the information provided will be used for purposes including, but not limited to; corresponding, verifying, processing, negotiating, endorsing, informing and collecting payment of multi party check proceeds with, and between, all parties listed as payees on the multi-party check, their affiliates, and/or any other authorized affiliates of iink. iink reserves the right to refuse service based on review of the information provided.

6. Exclusion Of Warranty Of Services

iink makes no warranties, express or implied, pertaining to the Payments Services offered including, but not limited to; (a) length of the endorsement process; (b) accuracy of any third-party information provided to, and by, iink; (c) checks needing to be re-issued due to expiration, inaccuracies or incorrect information for any reason; (d) services provided by any company or independent contractor that is a customer of iink; (e) services offered by an affiliate third-party or additional payee on the multi-party check.

7. Fees

The Client agrees to pay a processing fee of ten dollars or $10.00 (“Processing Fee”) to iink for each multi-party check endorsed through the Payments Service.  The Processing Fee will not be charged to iink Payments Clients who are using the Payments feature as part of the iink Professional Service.

If in addition, the Client chooses to use the Funds Now Service of iink, additional fees and terms will apply as set forth in https://iinktech.com/terms/now.

iink is hereby authorized at any time and from time to time, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to set off and apply any and all deposits of Client (general or special, time or demand, provisional or final, in whatever currency) at any time held or otherwise accessible to iink against any of and all the fees, liabilities and obligations owing from Client to iink. The rights of iink under this Section are in addition to other rights and remedies (including other rights of setoff) which iink may have.

8. Billing

Invoices are drafted upon the completion of service. Processing fees will be automatically drafted from the Client Avidia Account when funds are made available from the check deposit using the iink Payments Service.

9. Suspension Of Service

If a Client’s service is suspended for non-payment, the Client will not be able to submit any new Service Order requests or add-on any services to their active Service Order requests. Active Service Orders will be completed and invoiced as per standard servicing guidelines.

10. Cancellation Of Service

If a client chooses to cancel a Service Order they may do so by submitting a written request to support@iinktech.com, their active Service Order will be completed and invoiced per standard servicing procedures. After the Customer has confirmed and agreed to the terms of the Service Order, the Service Order cannot be cancelled.  

11. Changes To Terms

iink may make changes to these Terms from time to time in their sole discretion and will provide Client notice of the change of Terms in accordance with the notice provisions in the General Terms and Conditions.  Any changes made after a Service Order is requested will not apply to that Service Order.