Case Study

IRM (Restoration) Contractors Improve Cash Flow on Monitored Claims with iink

Learn how Integrity Restoration Management (IRM) has improved cash flow and created a better customer experience by outsourcing their multi-party check processing to iink.

Background Information

Daniel Deem and his team at Integrity Restoration Management (IRM) specialize in fire restoration. Since opening its doors, IRM has focused on the timely delivery of high-quality service, knowing how devastating the effects of fires and other damages can be.


Proper Insurance Approvals on Monitored Claims

IRM handles large claims, all of which are monitored. For Daniel and his team, navigating conversations with the mortgage company and gathering the required information became time-consuming and daunting. The IRM team spent over six hours a week seeking proper approval.

Maintaining Cash Flow

Before using iink, IRM would spend days per project on the phone with the mortgage company to get funds released on time. Daniel mentioned, “The biggest need is cash flow. That’s the life and death of any business, and without iink, the time it took to get that cash could take months.”

Why iink?

Easy-to-Use Digital Dashboard

Because IRM handles such large claims, iink has been able to provide ease of use and transparency in the property damage insurance claims process. For Daniel and his clients, being able to upload the claim check directly into the iink Dashboard has made it easy to process payments for each project without all the guesswork.

Monitored Claim Management 

The majority of claims that IRM handles are monitored, meaning those involved must take on more responsibility to ensure the check meets all the mortgage company's requirements. By using iink Pro, IRM can set and forget monitored claims. Additionally, with iink, Daniel can get specialty answers and easily handle lost drafts in-house.

“The biggest help is that the iink team stays on the ball, and if I have questions, I can call and immediately get answers.”


Improved Experience for Customers

Using iink has allowed IRM to provide an even better customer experience, which has helped differentiate its business in the market. With the iink web app, property owners can quickly sign in, upload their checks, and see the claim status throughout the process.

More Time to Focus on Business Growth

Since implementing iink in their day-to-day operations, IRM has saved hours each week by not worrying about claim status. This has allowed Daniel and his team to refocus on business growth, such as tackling new markets in the Dallas area.

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